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Why partner
with OHLA ?

OHLA is one of the only nonprofit organizations working exclusively for Hispanic/Latinos in Maryland. Often, our communities are coping with natural disasters, conflict, climate change, and other protracted crises that impede development. More than twenty years of experience has equipped our teams with the agility and expertise to provide specialized humanitarian relief and development programs for people in these highly vulnerable environments and forgotten crises.

We work alongside local communities, governments, foundations, peer organizations, and institutional donors to address the causes and consequences of fragility. Together, we harness our complementary strengths, resources, and networks to ensure that each community we work with receives the best solutions for their needs.

Our Partners

Strong partnerships are central to our work delivering lasting change.
OHLA works with companies, governments, nonprofits and other organizations to address complex challenges on a worldwide scale. Our partners contribute more than money. Their ideas, volunteer power, in-kind support and more are helping build stronger, more resilient communities.

As a trusted organization in the Hispanic/ Latino community, we are committed to bringing more resources and information to our neighbors and advocating for equitable access to services. As such, we welcome exploring new partnerships and opportunities.

Learn more about how we work with our partners by emailing us at info@ohlamd.org